6 thoughts on “Politicians Make Sh*t Up

  1. This was discussed on The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC this morning. The guests were the NYTimes reporter who broke the story, Raymond Hernandez, and a CT public radio host, Colin McEnroe, host of the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR.

    The fascinating part of the segment was when McEnroe asked actual reporter type questions of the NYTimes reporter. And he had follow ups with facts behind them. It seems the Repub who would run against Blumenthal has said his campaign (or was it a campaign spokesperson…) gave the info to the NYTimes reporte. Hernandez was, I would say (as does the first commnter, only more strongly), defensive, and sounded very much like a politician as he danced around the question, then refused to in any way disclose his source (which is what he should have done from the gitgo — the dancing was bad part). McEnroe begins just before halfway through the adio at the link.

    Colin McEnroe said that in all the years he’s covered Blumenthal he has never heard Blumenthal say he was actually in Viet Nam, only that he served in the Marine Reserves during the VN War. But there are several articles in the MCM over the years which reference his Vietnam service.

    So, McEnroe also wondered why Blumethal’s staff had not set the record straight if and when they came across misstatements by the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media). Hernandez then jumped on that bandwagon, as well.

    Blumenthal is saying he is staying in the race and had done nothing wrong, per evening news.

  2. What blew me away was no one mentioned George Bush’s famous National Guard service! It’s was like the, well, elephant in the studio.

  3. NewsHour covered this tonight — Guess the NYTimes putting a story above the fold, center of front page gets a lot of attention in MCM-land!

    Import seemed to be from guest, reporter from CT, that Blumenthal has never said he served in Vietnam in all his appearances this reporter covered…

    So, for me, the question is how did this NYTimes reporter get this kind of placement for this kind of story? He and his editor thought they had their Watergate or Whitewater ticket punched? Or, has Blumenthal done some prosecuting and/or investigating Wall St. isn’t happy with? The Times management thinks it’s time to get the Repubs back in power in DC?

    Or, the NYTimes reporter and editor really investigated well, sourced things beyond doubt, and just missed talking to reporters who had covered Blumenthal, but still figured they had a really great catch?

  4. Tweety went apeshit crazy about this on tonight’s Hardball. The steam coursing from his ears was quite alarming.

    Sorry I missed Brian Lehrer. His show is one of the many things I miss since leaving NYC.

  5. No, it was a typical plant by the other candidate’s opposition research. If they like the person who hands them the story, they’re not all that fastidious about double-checking.

  6. Dear old senile Raygan telling stories of his time “in the Pacific” as he faded not too gracefully into Alzheimer’s.

    Having your press agent drive you to your “voluntarily swearing in,” then drive you to the studio to have your uniforms tailored, then drive you home to your wife, then call the next morning to remind you to be on the “set” of the propaganda piece that you are making Equity Scale for is draft dodging.

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