12 thoughts on “Sestak Wins

  1. Why did Sestak do so poorly in the city of Philadelphia?

    I know that Obama and others endorsed Specter, but I don’t believe that endorsements have anything but a marginal effect, so Democrats must have had some reason to vote for Specter or against Sestak. Any insight into any of that?

  2. It’s Arlen’s home base. He does a lot for the city. The unions worked hard for him, and so did the Democratic machine. Even when we hate him, we kinda like him.

  3. That’s for YOU Rahmie …………………..you and your DINO whores!!!! Spector, the traitor lost!!!!

  4. Seriously, you may not ‘like’ Sustak but he is NOT beholding to Rahmie or to the DLC which I would celelbrate any day. The day we get rid of Rahmie and his stable of DINO WHORES will be a great day!!!! Coming your way Rahmie……………you’re next.

  5. Not beholden to Rahm? Where do you get that idea? Rahm Emanuel is the person who recruited Sestak, and pushed a more liberal candidate out of the way so he could win.

  6. And why is Arlen Specter a “traitor”? Because of what liberals anticipated as his potential for betrayal? Joe Sestak is someone who has already broken his promises to the netroots who funded his congressional run. Why is he not a “traitor”?

  7. rose hunter, why don’t you like Rahm again?

    And refresh my memory, what was it you were saying about jewish people the other day?

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