3 thoughts on “Rand Paul: Let The Market Sort Out Civil Rights

  1. Rand displays a stunning ignorance regarding civil rights. Had it been left up to the states — or the market — we would still have separate drinking fountains, no open housing, no public accommodations laws. His “leave it to the states” approach has already been tried. It was in effect from 1876, when Reconstruction ended, to 1964, when LBJ pushed through the first civil rights act in a hundred years that had real enforcement provisions. It created the modern world we have today.

    I have to agree, Susie. Rand will probably have the same trajectory in a political career as Sarah Palin: Up and out. But hey, there will always a lecture circuit, and a talk show host slot available at Fox News Channel…

  2. Major pieces of this social understanding are simply missing from this guy’s mind. When it walks like a sociopath and talks like a sociopath …

  3. I didn’t know that intellectual elitism stunk so badly.
    “I’m not a racist, but I’m friends with racists.” A reasonable face on evil.
    I’m pretty impressed with his ability to label the Civil Rights Act as a First Amendment issue. And the dance around public vs. private spaces is interesting.
    “We can never condone violence against individuals” vs. “It’s okay to bring guns into restaurants.”
    And what’s with the blinking?

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