I Feel So Much Better Now

A DSCC telemarketer just called to hit me up for money, and I interrupted him as soon as he identified himself.

“You know what? I’m unemployed, my benefits have run out and the Senate Democrats haven’t done a goddamned thing about adding another tier of benefits. So until they do that for all the people who can’t find jobs, they can kiss my ass,” I said.

“Thank you, Ms. Madrak,” he said and hung up. Hey, at least he has a job.


7 thoughts on “I Feel So Much Better Now

  1. Righteous answer, Susie. Righteous. They need to know that they aren’t getting support if they don’t or won’t support us.

  2. DNC sent a “survey,” asking my opinions on Obama’s first year in office, being as how I’m a community leader and all. I’m sure it was incidental that they asked for money at the end.
    I felt almost guilty being well-informed enough to mock all the “accomplishments.” And I didn’t send any money.

  3. Yeah, k, I got the same “survey”, opened it, wrote “fuck you” on it, close it, and mailed it back. Case closed!

  4. I got that survey, wrote lots — until my hand got tired. Then, when I’d sealed it I remembered the assassination by presidential fiat and slammed that on the back of the envelope.

    Wonder if any of our comments will be read? By anyone other than someone who pulls the survey out of the envelope? I did feel good about ensuring there’s mail to be opened and someone will have a job.

  5. My first — and last — contributions to the DSCC were in support of Howard Dean’s presidential primary campaign, but they still call me. My stock answer: “I’m not sending any money to DC as long as the U.S. Senate, aka The Millionaire’s Club, is dysfunctional. I only contribute to local candidates whose voices I can hear and whose hands I can shake.”

    Of course, I live in northwest Florida where it’s hard to find local candidates that I respect enough to support financially. For example, my local daily newspaper is of the same party and policy preferences as Rand Paul.

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