The Bubble

I guess he’s so used to people giving him freebies, he doesn’t understand how things really work:

As a proposal makes its way through the Senate to limit the fees charged for using a bank’s ATM, the Omaha World Herald reports Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) “pleaded ignorance when asked this week whether Congress should cap ATM fees.”

Said Nelson: “I’ve never used an ATM, so I don’t know what the fees are. It’s true, I don’t know how to use one.

Or he has “people” who do that for him.

5 thoughts on “The Bubble

  1. his staff did NOT enjoy my phone call. they tried to tell me this is perfectly normal, a lot of people don’t know how to use ATMs. “my own grandfather doesn’t know how to use them,” the poor sap claimed.

    I told him i didn’t believe it. My grandma dies last year at the age of 95. SHE knew how to use an ATM. My dad is a year younger than Nelson. HE knows how to use an ATM.

    he doesn’t even have the excuse Bush Senior had when he couldn’t figure out the grocery laser scanner. Those were pretty new at the time (so were ATMs). But it’s been TWENTY FUCKING YEARS since then. nelson has no excuse other than that he’s a rich dude who’s completely disconnected from real life. i wonder if he know how to drive?

  2. He has staffer/mistresses who interact with the real world for him.
    Or perhaps he has “contractors” who do that.

  3. Most of the politicians I have met are dumb as posts. They just look the part and are willing to do what they are told. Their handlers put one or two ideas into their head, and they keep repeating it.

    The really scary situation is with justices on the Supreme Court ruing on things like net neutrality or wiretapping who don’t even know how to send an email. And they are proud of their ignorance, still clinging to legal pads and a fountain pen as if there is some virtue in it.

    I clerk at a supermarket, and the only ones who don’t know how to use the card scanners are old men whose wives have never let them go out to shop by themselves. They come in once or twice a year to buy their wife or mother a birthday card.

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