Fox, Meet Henhouse

Heckuva job, Ken!

In the weeks since BP’s Deepwater Horizon well started spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, there’s been increasing attention to the “cozy” relationship between the Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the oil industry it’s supposed to regulate. How cozy? Just last summer the Obama administration tapped a BP executive to serve as a deputy administrator for land and minerals management.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar last June appointed Sylvia V. Baca to the post, which did not require Senate confirmation. The appointment follows eight years at BP. From her MMS bio:

Baca had been general manager for Social Investment Programs and Strategic Partnerships at BP America Inc. in Houston, and had held several senior management positions with the company since 2001, focusing on environmental initiatives, overseeing cooperative projects with private and public organizations, developing health, safety, and emergency response programs and working on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability objectives.

As Director of Global Health, Safety, Environment & Emergency Response for BP Shipping Ltd. in London, Baca led a worldwide team to develop innovative and proactive energy and the environment initiatives. Among her accomplishments, she oversaw health, safety and environmental outcomes for an $8 billion ship building program, resulting in the youngest, greenest and most technically advanced fleet in the world. The project has received numerous awards for its safety and environmental advancements.

Baca is also an excellent example of the revolving door between government and industry that MMS has been accused of facilitating. From 1995 to 2001, she was an assistant secretary for land and minerals management at the Department of Interior before leaving to work for the oil giant.

5 thoughts on “Fox, Meet Henhouse

  1. Can I just say this once, and get it off my chest?
    Remember when we were the United States of Fucking America, and the President said, “Hey, let’s put a man on the moon in the next couple of years,” and we went out and Fucking Did It?
    I just spent 24 hours off-line. I think I’m keeping it that way.
    Oh, yeah. And Fuck Obama.

  2. Gee, what a surprise from this WH crew! Kinda like having a former VP of WellPoint return to Baucus’s staff and write the health INSURANCE reform and proft protection plan for Obama.

    Not a surprise. I wonder how many more corporate plants there are in the Obama executive branch.

  3. I don’t think there’s any more of this than any other administration. It’s just that the whole system is rotten.

  4. If all administrations played this closely with corporations and Wall St, most of the other Dem administrations were better at hiding it.

    Or…I was much more gullible….

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