Life Upgrade

My air conditioner is finally in, but instead of putting it in the window right next to my desk (typically resulting in hearing loss in my right ear for the entire summer), it’s in my kitchen window instead.

And it’s on. It’s kind of muggy today, and going up to 93 tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Life Upgrade

  1. Humidity is the single biggest reason to run AC. Hot weather I can live with. Humidity is obnoxious. I’ve lived out west in places where it gets pretty damn hot, but I never needed AC. Living in the suburbs of DC, possibly one of the humidity capitals of the world, AC is essential. It’s the same along most of the east coast. So I feel ya, Susie.

  2. But will it cool/dehumidify your workspace from the kitchen?
    Maybe you’ll need a fan to circulate the air better.

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