NJ Wingnuts

Funny, how many children of prominent wingnuts go into the family business, huh? Andrew Schlafly (son of Phyllis) is leading the team suing the state of NJ to recall Sen. Bob Menendez for voting for the health care bill.

You may also remember him as the guy leading the team to rewrite the Bible “without liberal bias.” Uh huh.

Anyway, the hearing is today.

3 thoughts on “NJ Wingnuts

  1. Gov. Christie hasn’t had a chance to work his court packing scheme yet. He took the never before action of not reappointing a well-performing freshman justice. Heretofore there needed to be a very well understood reason to not reappoint, even someone appointed by a gov of the opposite party.

    Christie, however, decided to create a place for a more conservative judge, someone whose political philosophy he agreed with and approved of.

    When Repubs gain power they use to the full extent possible, on both the Federal and state or local levels.

    By the time this case gets to the court, perhaps Christie will have his politlical soulmate installed….

  2. The Bible has liberal bias? Cool!
    one of our messiahs, adolf hitler saw through that libiril smokescreen, but only andrew is brave, bold, and entrepreneurial enough to pursue the final solution in cleaning soshilest filth from the bibble!

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