‘It’s BP’s Oil’

From the Mother Jones reporter on the ground at the Gulf oil spill:

The blockade to Elmer’s is now four cop cars strong. As we pull up, deputies start bawling us out; all media need to go to the Grand Isle community center, where a “BP Information Center” sign now hangs out front. Grand Isle residents are not amused by the beach closing.Inside, a couple of Times-Picayune reporters circle BP representative Barbara Martin, who tells them that if they want passage to Elmer they have to get it from bp-viet-cong.thumbnail.jpganother BP flack, Irvin Lipp; Grand Isle beach is closed too, she adds. When we inform the Times-Pic reporters otherwise, she asks Dr. Hazlett if he’s a reporter; he says,  ”No.” She says, “Good.” She doesn’t ask me. We tell her that deputies were just yelling at us, and she seems truly upset. For one, she’smarried to a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputy. For another, “We don’t need more of a black eye than we already have.””But it wasn’t BP that was yelling at us, it was the sheriff’s office,” we say.

“Yeah, I know, but we have…a very strong relationship.”

“What do you mean? You have a lot of sway over the sheriff’s office?”

“Oh yeah.”bp-viet-cong.thumbnail.jpg

“How much?”

“A lot.”

When I tell Barbara I am a reporter, she stalks off and says she’s not talking to me, then comes back and hugs me and says she was just playing. I tell her I don’t understand why I can’t see Elmer’s Island unless I’m escorted by BP. She tells me BP’s in charge because “it’s BP’s oil.”

Go read the rest. Really. You have to read it all.

One thought on “‘It’s BP’s Oil’

  1. FASCISM pure and simple. This is how is acts, works, operates.

    On another note, Susie, I was very surprised to see so many neg. comments on C&L abt. the Haitians turning down Monsanto. I’m with you, I think any coropoRATe entity is pure evil, esp. one that is to food what WALLSTREETGANGSTA’s are to the loathsome ‘finance’ industry.

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