Heavy, Man

WARNING: If you don’t believe in astrology, don’t read this. If you don’t like blogs with posts about astrology, find another blog.

Uranus changes signs about 9 p.m. EST, directly into a tense configuration with Saturn and Pluto. (Let’s just say that I’m not real optimistic about the well plug working – although I’d be thrilled if it did.)

No, it’s not your imagination. This year (and the next) has some of the most challenging astral stuff we’ve seen since the 1960s.

Uranus stays in each sign for seven years and in this case, it was in Pisces – which means unpredictable events related to water. (Tsunamis, hurricanes and oil well explosions, anyone?)

As of tonight, it’s in Aries, which is ruled by Mars – the god of war. Expect big booms, explosions, etc. Expect the wars in the Middle East to heat up – fast.

Aries is also the baby of the zodiac, so it means a new order. I’d say learning to wean ourselves off the national addiction to oil would be a good place to start.

On a personal level, also expect the unexpected. Car crashes, yes, but also things like a spouse suddenly saying, “I can’t take this one more minute!” and walking out the door. (Uranus rules electricity and sudden illumination.)

There’s a rule in astrology: Don’t expect transiting aspects to hit you directly (although they can still hit you in a peripheral sideswap) unless you have a similar aspect in your birth chart. For instance, we’re seeing an Uranus-Jupiter conjunction right now. (Jupiter makes whatever it touches bigger, more expansive.) I have a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in my birth chart, so I’ll feel this more directly than you will if you don’t have the same aspect. (Anyone my age will have it.)

But because it’s trining (a positive aspect) my conjunction, which sits atop my chart on the midheaven (which is where your public reputation is), it could very well mean I’m going to publish my book and get rich and famous. Or win the lottery. Who knows?

15 thoughts on “Heavy, Man

  1. Actually, come to think of it, the total number of unemployed people in the US probably EXCEEDS the total number of residents in those states!!
    I’ll try and see if I can find out, somehow.

  2. I’ll share with you if you’ll share with me. (Powerball is 220 million, if you’re in one of those states.)

  3. I’ve been sorta thinking about Korea in this context. But there are so many choices!

  4. Love the disclaimer at the top. Can’t imagine why you don’t want some random person to get on and lecture you on what you should or should not write about.

    I’m sending out vibes on this full moon that your book WILL get published.

  5. Susie, I didn’t realize you were shopping a book around. What’s it about, if you don’t mind my asking.

    (And sorry, I read the heading but read your post anyway. I’ll just agree to disagree and not discuss it.)

  6. Yes, I’ve been looking at the Astrology blogs and think the coming year is going to be pretty unsteady. Susie, again, could you please give me the site you used for Astro Weather??

  7. Katla, the far bigger and more destructive volcano in Iceland is close to erupting…..
    A potential GLOBAL disaster..!

  8. And two volcanoes in Ecuador and Guatemala.
    Once again, astrology fails us. Oh, wait.

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