4 thoughts on “Birds of the Gulf

  1. I’m an animal lover, Susie. Honestly, I can’t watch this stuff. Those poor creatures are helpless to the idiots that call themselves “MANKIND”. I know in the Christian bible it says something about man having dominion over all creatures, but the greedy, power-hungry morons running the oil companies and the gubment can kiss my black ass. If there’s a hell below, they are surely gonna go!

  2. ……………and one other thing to get everything off my chest. Obama is the pimpiest pussy we’ve had in a long time to call himself president. ( Shit, just give a good fucking speach, talk mean shit, and expect everyone to buy the bullshit)

    I’m so embarrassed as a black man. Obama makes Bush look presidential………..oh, nevermind! Fuck it, I’ll just go sing to Michelle and everything will go away………………..including the goddamned Gulf! What an asshole I voted for…………..shame on me.

  3. I’m currently in southwest Florida. As far, untouched, but maybe not for long. I’ve watched the beautiful seabirds fly, taken their pictures, posted some on the blog.

    I am bawling my eyes out.

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