12 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. Cream, and all its glorious derivatives. Butter! Ice cream! Cream in my coffee! Cream on my berries, and in my yogurt, and on my oatmeal, and on my toast with butter! Ooh, that sounds good. More fettuccine Alfredo, stat!

  2. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies would make my top five, but ice cream comes in a variety of flavors, so it has to take the number one slot; although bacon burgers or fillets Mignon might also be worth consideration, and let’s not forget pie in all it’s magnificent iterations, or even high quality donuts for that matter.

  3. My endocrine system to work properly and produce the all hormones needed to properly metabolize food. What food doesn’t matter as much as being able to eat anything without having to worry about it.

  4. any flavored and tasteful bit of food, especially white chocolate, chocolate, and mint chip ice cream. spicy foods that make things taste so much better. there’s just so many kinds of wonderful tasting foods out there to be able to pick any one. i would go for chocolate though.

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