7 thoughts on “June 26 National Town Hall

  1. OK, so this is effort is organized by our Plutocrat overlords I see. Signing up for this thing is like entering the belly of the beast.

  2. No, the group that sponsors it doesn’t come down on either side. They declined when Pete Peterson offered to fund the whole project. But it’s important that people on our side show up so that the Peterson people can’t stack the deck.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I went to their web site and Peterson was listed as one of their major contributors along with Kellogg and MacArthur. Makes going less daunting. I notice they’re not letting any grass grow under their feet either. First meeting here is in two weeks. RSVP required. And what’s with the limited space availability? They’re holding the thing in the freakin’ convention center.

  4. Ron@3: I saw that! It seems that for every meeting they had the “space is limited” thing on there.

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