One thought on “Aww

  1. Kudo’s to the no-neck men!!!
    Seriously – I’m impressed. It says a lot about him and his wife!

    I don’t know who he is – but it sounds like he’s part of this “1000%-ultimate-macho-male-none-of-whom-have-ever-had-sex-with-a-guy” macho male sport.

    Hat’s off to him – really. He may be one of the few REAL men there!

    Susie – don’t say ‘aww..’ – it demeans the courage it took him to do this. I know you admire it as much as me, and that it should not be a major announcement, but let’s face it. It’s big.
    Don’t demean it by saying ‘Aww..’
    (I may be misinterpreting this, but to me ‘Aww..’ would apply to a puppy or a kitten doing something cute. Not to a professional all-american sports hero going to a gay pride parade.)

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