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  1. Wonder what Cheney will think when he reads the sign that says: “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”? According to Dante, that sign hangs over the gates of hell.

  2. He won’t die, not until someone drives a wooden stake right through that throbbing cash register in his chest, the one powered by all the fires of hell.

  3. Let’s face it – nobody would wish for Dick Cheney to die.
    We’d all be quite happy if he’d feel ‘not very good’ for the rest of his life. No?

    Different story but I’m sorry – it seems like everyone is surprised and/or shocked by the headline of Sen. Byrd being seriously ill.
    I mean, really?? The couple of times a year that someone rolled him into the chamber for some vote didn’t give you a clue that not all was right with this guy?? Really????
    Let’s face it, Sen. Byrd is seriously old and has been seriously ill for quite some time.
    I mean, sheesh, two or three times a year he gets rolled into the Senate chamber, in his wheelchair, mostly looking like he doesn’t know what the heck is going on.
    This man should be, and should have been forcibly retired from the Senate many years ago!

    In this age of massive unemployment, massive ‘contracting’ (without health benefits!!), how many people do YOU know who could, say, stay away from their jobs for most of the year, then have some assistant wheel them in for something important a couple of times a year.
    Please, how many people do you know who have a job like that???

    Mostly, people will be fired if they don’t show up for work in something like three days, ok let’s be generous, a week.

    This is a guy, ONE OUT OF A HUNDRED PEOPLE WHO HAVE AN ENORMOUS SAY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! He hasn’t been present in I-don’t-know-how-long. We’re not talking about a data-entry clerk here.

    This guy should have been booted out of this ‘Senator job’ quite a long time ago. He simply hasn’t been fit to serve effectively in quite a few years.

    Perhaps we should impose an age limit on the Senate (god forbid, say, McCain would serve another 20 years when his Alzheimer’s already quite clearly is manifesting itself!)

    To serve as a Senator should be a worked-for and deserved honor. Not an automatic right. If a particular Senator is not doing shit because s/he’s incapable – well, someone should step in. Preferably the Medical Office – yes, those who provide day-to-day care to those precious senators.
    Of course, it would require SAID SENATOR TO BE PRESENT!! however if not, said Medical Office should fly out and declare said Senator to be or not to be fit for service in the Senate.
    For eff’s sake – are we, or are we NOT a Democracy???!!
    (Don’t answer that. I know we’re not)
    Too much is at stake these days!

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