2 thoughts on “Close The Libraries

  1. That was possibly the worst news article ever written. Astonishing. Almost as astonishing as the “most people who came to the library while we were watching used the computers, so because there’s the internets and e-books, we should close the libraries so people can’t come and use the computers.” Without ever looking at what people were looking at on the computers, or what their normal library usage might be. Astonishing.
    I just got a book through interlibrary loan titled “American Literature – The Social Revolt.” It’s about the promotion of social reforms in the Gilded Age -188 through 1914. It was published in 1933. I’m sure it’s an ebook somewhere.

  2. I began reading the comments at BB… some really dumb people read the site. Granted the article wasn’t very good but the comments were worse. I think no matter who made the suggestion to close the library system a lot of people would be upset and protest. Here in NYC we just took a skin graze to the three library systems through budget cuts.
    I may have a computer at home and can afford the internet service fees but I see many people who can’t and depend on libraries for computer time. They are especially needed now since so much of one’s job hunt takes place through the web. BTW: I borrowed Nicholas Carr’s book The Shallows. I didn’t finish it before it was due and I’m back on the waiting list for it.

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