Actually, Marc, what Americans are weary of is process legislation posing as progressive. Americans are weary of declining wages, increasing economic insecurity and a Democratic party that can’t figure out a way to extend unemployment benefits in a depression.

Other than that, though, we just love the president! Go, Democrats!

The White House is girding itself for the release of May employment figures, which will show a relative paucity of private sector jobs created. In a way, the impact of this number has been blunted by expectation-setting and headlines that suggest the recovery might be fizzling. There will be a vigorous presidential response designed to show how engaged the president is. Reporters have been given a 12:01 a.m. embargo regarding its contents, but suffice it to say, it’s a little like putting lipstick on a … bad jobs number.

Bill Clinton says that Americans won’t give President Obama and Democrats any credit for, well, anything until “they feel like winners.” That’s about as good a synopsis of the political environment as I’ve seen. Democrats can pass bills that are major, can claim that they’re major, can posture as if they are major, can message as if they are major — and … nothing. The gauges seem to be stuck. Americans seem weary of the president’s facilitating approach to the country, even as it has resulted in the type of compromise that has led to the passage of institution-changing legislation.

2 thoughts on “Weary

  1. Americans seem weary of the president’s facilitating approach to the country,
    I think he meant vacillating….

  2. Obama is just about as out of touch as, of course, the Republicans. With the unemployment picture is as terrible as can be, you’d think we would have heard something from him regarding the stalemate in Congress over unemployment benefits—as in Congress went home while millions are left with no benefits. But no, the best this asshole can do is talk about how Republicans are standing in the way of immigration reform which has absolutely no chance of passing. How about showing some goddamned anger at a Congress that goes on vacation while so many are left hopelessly broke??? We can’t eat immigration, Mr. Asshole.

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