Go Kindra

What BP is claiming is that if fishermen choose not to talk part in the oil spill cleanup, BP will consider that as potential income declined and deduct it from their claims.

In other words, if you didn’t want to risk your health and expose yourself to their toxic waste, you’re going to suffer financially as a result.

2 thoughts on “Go Kindra

  1. With each new amazing outrage, in spite of all of the ones that came before, I still think “This time, this time, they really have gone too far. The rich run the show but they’re not flat f***ing insane and they must know that at some point people will take to the streets. They’ll reverse this.”

    And each time they don’t, and nothing happens. There are no consequences for the PTB, and there’s nothing but for the rest of us, and almost no one seems to really care.

  2. You need to stop reading blogs. Seriously. You have to save your own sanity, or you’re no good to anyone else.

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