Paul Krugman:

I was on Good Morning America this not-so-good morning, doing what I could. But I was struck by something that George Stephanopoulos said: he claimed to have been speaking to an administration official who asserted that what we need to get businesses investing is for business to know that the government has stopped — presumably, that means no new spending, no new regulation, whatever.

GS is a careful guy, so this must be true. And it’s shocking — not that people are saying this, but that someone inside the administration is saying it.

It’s garbage, of course: businesses are refusing to invest because they don’t see enough demand for their products. And administration economists know that it’s garbage. But obviously some people in the WH — I’m guessing a political person, but who knows — have bought the right-wing line hook, line, and sinker.

We’ll never know what might have happened if Obama and co. had actually had the courage of their convictions; what we do know is that they have undermined their own message at every turn.

2 thoughts on “Reactionaries

  1. For once I have to disagree with the Shrill One. I think Obama and Co. are very rigidly adhering to their convictions. It’s just that those convictions are the exact opposite of the principles he campaigned on.

  2. Poor Paul–even now making excuses for Obama et al. Darn that invite to the WH –seems to have clouded the good professor’s clarity of thought.

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