Heat Wave Emergency

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed. You can stop now, I have enough to cover it. I really, really appreciate your donations and your kindness because it’s just so damned hot. Arghh.

You know how I’ve been bitching about feeling lousy when I wake up after sleeping in the bedroom air conditioning?

I was cleaning it this morning and discovered there’s a coolant leak – smells like antifreeze. Looks like I’ve been inhaling toxic fumes as I sleep.

PLEASE, if you can afford it, PLEASE kick in so I can buy a new air-conditioner today. I am so, so tired of this heat. (Not to mention, a little freaked out that I’ve been breathing this crap.)

9 thoughts on “Heat Wave Emergency

  1. Susie — keep that thing off!! Aren’t you susceptible to migraines & sinus infections? I once triggered a horrible headache/sinus thing that lasted months when I drove around with a busted heater-core for several weeks (until I could afford to fix it.) This sounds very similar to that.

  2. Actually the A/C system only contains a few ounces of refrigerant, and this leaks out withing a few minutes of the coil getting a hole in it. You are probably smelling some of the lubricant in the system., which still isn’t very good for you.

    I’m pretty broke too, but I will send you a few bucks.

  3. Take a picture of your busted air conditioner with your shiny iPhone for us. Those things come with 2 year contracts right? So you bought it when you were already unemployed? Couldn’t you buy like a 5,000 btu AC for the price of a single monthly iPhone bill?

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but if you’re asking for some of our own meager corporate pittances, it seems you could at least show respect with your spending.

  4. You ARE a jerk. “Respect with your spending”? The air-conditioner is at least six years old and belonged to a dead blogger friend. I took it when I helped clean out his apartment, because I couldn’t afford to buy one.

    And as to the iPhone, I bought a used one on ebay, which cost $80. Because it’s the oldest model, the data plan costs me $20 a month.

    What kind of asshole sits around keeping score like that? Worse, assuming that his opinions are actual facts?

  5. Donation sent.

    And if the a/c smells like antifreeze (ethylene glycol), that’s not the refrigerant (prob R-410a or similar), but if the refrigerant leaks out there will be two effects:
    1. no more cold air
    2. if you continue to run the a/c, the compressor will get very hot, and may smell as a result.

  6. Well, whatever it was, it was all over the fins in the front, and it smelled just like antifreeze. Because of my chronic sinus problems, I can’t really smell things unless I’m very close to them, so I can’t say if the irritation was from something else. The only reason I could smell this stuff was that I sniffed my hands to see what it was.

  7. Got home too late. I got a little freelance work, and said this morning, “If I get paid, I’ll drop in a buck or two for Susie.” And I got paid! Oh, well, I’ll just drop it in the bucket above.

    And f Thompson is a schmuck.

  8. f thompson is a judgmental a**hole. He’s probably one of those people who are suspicious of homeless people who have cell phones. What a jerk.

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