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I’d like to point out that Rep. Anthony Weiner got married this weekend… to the woman Obama-friendly gossip columnists and bloggers (I remember in particular the Village Voice’s Michael Musto wetting his pants over Huma Abedin being referred to as Clinton’s “body person”) were painting as Hillary Clinton’s lover during the primary.

The rumor spread like wildfire, fanned by the media. (And we know they’re always right, right?)

The “body person” on a campaign is the person who travels with the candidate and handles all the miscellaneous stuff that comes up as a result. It has to be someone the candidate really likes and trusts, because they spend so much time together. It’s a really crappy job because it’s 24/7, but it’s a known career path in politics.

The people who wrote about the rumor said it “must” be true because if you called Clinton’s home early in the morning, Abedin answered. (Even though, you know, the body person has to go with the candidate to morning TV appearances, which often take place at ungodly hours.)

People can be so frickin’ stupid.

(Meaningless blogger trivia: The ceremony took place in the same place where my son got married.)

4 thoughts on “The Media

  1. Anthony Weiner is the beard, obviously. Geez, where have you been, Susie?

  2. So glad Huma’s wedding managed to reassure people that she and Hillary weren’t icky lesbians. You know, I hope for the day when a lesbian rumor isn’t something wicked and disgusting that people have to either disprove or face scandal and humiliation over. But that’s just me.

  3. Campaigns are a little more down and dirty than normal lives. It’s not that the people spreading the rumor actually believed she was a lesbian, or even believed that being a lesbian is icky — it’s that they saw an opening, and took it. Because after all, voters aren’t all thoughtful.

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