Tiny Tim Opposes Elizabeth Warren As New Agency Head

I’m sure y’all are as shocked as I am that Tiny Tim doesn’t want Elizabeth Warren actually in charge of protecting consumers – since she might, you know, actually do her job!

I actually think putting Warren in a more prominent role would be a very smart political move. You want someone this smart and credible as a prominent face of the administration. You never know, some of her credibility might even rub off:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has expressed opposition to the possible nomination of Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to a source with knowledge of Geithner’s views.

The financial reform bill passed by the Senate on Thursday mandates the creation of a new federal entity charged with protecting consumers from predatory lenders.

But if Geithner has his way, the most prominent advocate for creating the agency may not be picked to lead it.

Warren, a professor at Harvard Law School whose 2007 journal article advocating the creation of such an agency inspired policymakers to enact it into law, has rocketed to prominence since the onset of the financial crisis as one of the leading reform advocates fighting on behalf of American taxpayers.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tim Opposes Elizabeth Warren As New Agency Head

  1. If true, this is the clearest evidence yet that the Obama administration is planning to use humor to win the next elections by becoming a parody of itself. Everyone likes a good joke, and I’m not sure even the Daily Show can outdo Timmy on this one.

  2. This is a perfect time to raise a great hullabaloo in DC on her behalf. It is better to let the GOP filibuster her (and they will) than to let the Democrats get in their own way.

  3. She’s probably the best person in the O’Bama crew, and Geithner may be the worst.
    Why should anyone listen to him?

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