5 thoughts on “The Ants Are Back

  1. Terro traps.

    You can make your own Terro by dissolving a cup of 20 mule Team Borax into two cups of Corn Syrup on the stove. Add a little water to aid the dissolving.

  2. I usually put several drops of Terro, spaced maybe a 1/2 inch apart, on small pieces of cardboard, say 1/4 the size of a 3×5 index card. Then I place the cardboard pieces in the areas where I’ve seen the ants. Then I see the ants come to the Terro, eat, leave and never come back.

  3. I’m thinking there should be a more comprehensive study of pesticides regarding this problem. Nature abhors a vacuum, or maybe more correctly an imbalance, and if these critters have a natural predator, it’s being suppressed in the urban environment.

    Or anteaters should become the next big pet craze.

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