Gunning for Liberals

This is your mind on Fox News:

OAKLAND, CA (KGO) — The Tuolumne County man accused of shooting at CHP officers on Interstate 580 in Oakland over the weekend was headed to San Francisco to kill people at the ACLU and the Tides non-profit organization. He made his first court appearance Tuesday.

Byron Williams, 45, has a 2 p.m. arraignment in Oakland. Police say he will be charged with attempted murder for his role in the Sunday morning shootout that closed the freeway for most of the day.

Williams was shot multiple times by police, but was wearing a bullet proof vest and survived. He was recently released from a hospital and is expected to use a wheelchair to attend his court appearance, according to a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities say Williams was armed with a number of high-powered weapons and ammunition during the shootout, which lasted 15 minutes. He and officers fired more than 150 rounds at each other.

Williams’ mother told reporters the two-strike felon was angry with left-wing politicians.

Why Tides? Because of wingnut stories like this.

One thought on “Gunning for Liberals

  1. Susie, the shootings happened a few miles from my house (though I had no idea what was happening then). The media accounts that I read suggest that his mother also believes that “a revolution” is coming (the weapons Williams used were his mother’s). Also, he had a long criminal history; his last conviction was from a bank robbery, where he switched bank targets because at the original one other customers laughed at his getup (suit and blond wig)! So yeah, this is what happens when paranoid losers with access to guns watch too much Fox News. Sigh. Thank goodness CHP was doing their job that night.

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