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If you want to stop the right wing from taking over, it would behoove you to get out and talk to your neighbors. Invite them over for coffee and doughnuts to talk about Social Security. Find the things you have in common and focus on those. TAKE ACTION and make an improvement in your community. Small victories lead to bigger ones.

Because sitting on your ass at the computer is not going to save this country.

7 thoughts on “Free Advice

  1. Sorry to say that it no longer matters which party is in power – they both suck for us and only cater to corporate America and the wealthy. Obama and the dems have failed us by promising change and delivering anything but on the big issues: finance, health care, and especially the environment.

    The whole “democratic” system is a complete fraud. We’re living in a corporate run police state now.

    More good news from the Gulf (in case you thought it was over):

  2. And tell the neighbors what exactly? Go vote for Democrats who will agree with whatever the Obama cat food commission says? Do you think the cat food commission is not designed to demolish SS? It’s not the Republicans who will effectively destroy SS – they failed so Obama is going to do it for them.

  3. Sigh- it depends on finding reasonable people to begin with. Two persons that I am aquainted with who are really nice, warm and friendly persons in my opinion. One swore that Al Queda was responsible for rigging the Columbia shuttle disaster. the other has a theory that terrorists (yes Al Queda again) somehow damaged the BP oil well in the Gulf. I keep crossing the paths of Senator Scott Brown supporters. I turn to internet sites such as this for the oasis of sanity that I can find.

  4. Even tho this is a couple days late I just have to respond to Susie’s last comment here.

    You and your neighbors are going to fighting against Obama and the Democrats to save social security. Most people already know that it’s not out of funds.

    The people we are now against is not just the ‘right wing’ unless you’re including Obama and the blue dogs in that label.

  5. What matters is that the people in your community get into the habit of organizing and fighting back — and yes, that includes the right wing of the Democratic party.

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