4 thoughts on “Thanks Again

  1. A hundred and seven? Really? Be careful–that’s dangerous heat.

    Foul, fetid, fuming, foggy, filthy Philadelphia indeed.

  2. I junked my AC in May. Called the Salvation Army in to take a lot off stuff out of here, and the one thing they would not take was the air conditioner. Apparently there are chemical issues with air conditioners, and the Salvation Army doesn’t want to deal with those.

    The cheerful alcoholics the Salvation Army sent me had no problem carrying the beast down the stairs.

    They put the monster on the strip between the sidewalk and the street and it was gone in fifteen minutes.

    And yeah, it’s hot.

    I turn on the fans, I jump in the shower, I sweat, and I often feel uncomfortable.

    This is such a big deal? Why?

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