Cut and Paste

Cut and paste this into an email, and send it to all your friends so the next time they get one of the fake Obama emails, they have a handy reply:

To those of you who have sent me yet another email about Barack Obama, here’s some advice.

Learn to check, so you can find out that pretty much everything you’ve ever sent me was a lie made up by some money-loving corporate lobbyist somewhere to get you riled up. Congratulations, you fell for it! (Again.)

If you’re too lazy to look these things up, maybe it’s because you WANT to believe them, and maybe that has something to do with Barack Obama being a black man.

Because as hard as I try, I can’t remember you ever sending me an email like that about George W. Bush. I wonder why?

You remember him, don’t you? He’s the person who deregulated just about everything during his eight years as president, and what few regulations were left, he didn’t bother to enforce. So if someone in your family gets e.coli and has to be hospitalized, be sure to give him the credit.

You’re worried about the deficit? This war he stuck us in (remember the imaginary WMDs?) and his tax cuts for the wealthy took us from a record budget surplus to a record deficit. Remember how he told us the tax cuts were going to generate new jobs and new investment? We actually LOST jobs while he was president. In the meantime, he raised the debt ceiling SEVEN TIMES and then sold off our national debt to China.

I wonder why you weren’t worried about that when it happened. It couldn’t be because George W. Bush is white, could it? Or are you just one of those people who doesn’t pay any attention at all to politicians when they’re Republicans?

I’m not going to explain the details of the recession because, well, you’re probably too suspicious to believe anything I tell you, and too lazy to check it for yourself. (Somewhere other than Glenn Beck’s show, I mean.) But I can tell you this: It wasn’t “black people getting mortgages they couldn’t afford” that triggered this mess. If you still believe that, you obviously don’t read anything but WorldNet Daily and probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

NO, Barack Obama wasn’t born in Kenya. Don’t be so gullible, it’s embarrassing.

NO, Michele Obama doesn’t have more White House staffers than any First Lady. In fact, she had four less than Laura Bush — and a little more than half of Jackie Kennedy’s staff.

NO, Barack Obama didn’t issue a postage stamp honoring a Muslim holiday. It was issued Sept. 1, 2001 — by George W. Bush.

NO, Barack Obama isn’t a Muslim. Yes, he did attend a mainstream Muslim public school (not a madrassa) in Indonesia. He also attended a Catholic school. Why aren’t you accusing him of being a Catholic?

I was going to answer more of these stupid lies, but there’s simply too many of them, and the facts aren’t the real problem. The problem is, despite the facts, people like you want to believe them. So you will, no matter what.

So when people say the folks attacking Barack Obama are racists, that’s what they mean. They mean you’ll believe almost anything if it’s about a black President.

Yes, we’re neighbors/co-workers/relatives, but I don’t think like you just because I’m white. I actually care about things like truth, and fairness, and what bigoted propaganda like this does to our country. That’s why I don’t spread these idiotic lies.

Please, don’t send me anymore of these stupid, racist emails. You’re just highlighting your own ignorance and bigotry.

Your Fed-Up Friend
“A True American”

11 thoughts on “Cut and Paste

  1. The writer is as big of a hysterical moron as the nitwits attacking Obama for being a secret Muslim/socialist.

    They don’t hate Obama because he’s black. They wouldn’t like him one bit more if he was white, and the rhetoric would be just as incendiary as it is now. They hate him because he ran as a Democrat (not because he pursues Democratic policies) and they’re being manipulated because they’re stupid, hysterical wingnuts who couldn’t think they’re way out of a McDonalds. That fuckin’ simple.

    Within months of Bill taking office, Hillary clinton was being accused of having Vince Foster murdered (despite the suicide not in his brief case, and the treatment for depression at his doctors) because they were having an affair, and Bill was being accused of running cocaine out of the Mena, Arizona airport.

    I’m so fucking sick of these Obots who think Obama is attacked because he’s black. Sure, the right is racist and they certainly always wind up revealing that. But anyone who thinks the attacks on Obama have been worse because of his race is just as idiotic as the morons sending out the boilerplate emails.

  2. Lori, I wrote it. And I didn’t get into the pros and cons of Obama’s policy decisions — I was specifically addressing the kind of people who send me these racist emails (yes, and they are CLEARLY racist). I’m not going to discuss nuance with people like this.

  3. Lori, I can see where you’re coming from. I’ve had a lot of conversations with Susie where I’m just sitting there thinking to myself “Fucking Obot.” Hell, this entire blog is like a slobbering digital shrine to Obama.

  4. Chris,
    obviously you need better reading skills and knowledge. Susie’s blog is anything but a “slobbering digital shrine to Obama”. Quite the opposite, actually. Read the archives.

    Don’t comment if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Or better, read more of what Susie writes or do you fit in the category of lazy and uninformed and proud of it?

  5. Frenchdoc, I think you just won. I’m not sure what the game is, but whatever it is, you’re the winner. Maybe even the all time champion.

  6. Chris,
    Susie (and probably Frenchdoc) just can’t give up hope that somehow good people will turn the Democratic party back into Democrats. Al Franken recently asked the Netroots to help him fight. What these folks fail to realize is that they are fighting their own party, the Democrats. Republicans, such as the ones who apparently engendered this weird email response, are the pitiable victims of a relentless propaganda campaign waged by loons on the rightwing. It’s really hard to uncondition yourself after being subjected to massive propaganda. Just ask any US WWII vet. This suggested condescending response diatribe won’t sway them at all.

  7. Frenchdoc, Chris was being sarcastic, as usual. It is an acquired taste reading him, but I find it funny, especially when he punks someone.

    Good stuff, Susie. Still, I won’t be using that on my mother-in-law.

  8. Suzy,

    Obviously, I didn’t realize you wrote it and I don’t think you’re an idiot. In fact, you are one of two constant stops through out the day. I apologize for that.

    That being said, Obama’s race is simply an excuse to say the shit they like to say about Democrats. They would say equally offensive shit if Hillary or Biden had won.

  9. Susie,

    It’s just a tool. If they don’t use high test gasoline, they’ll use another equally incendiary fuel. If they don’t use a hammer, they’ll use an ice pick. it’s like that.

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