4 thoughts on “Netroots Schizo

  1. It is a Netroots torn by the question of bedrock values: of what is non-negotiable, and what isn’t non-negotiable.
    This bugs me. I would have thought we knew what was non-negotiable; human rights, civil liberties, feeding and sheltering the poor. What a fucking fool I was.

    The in-your-face discovery that people not much better ideologically than Lieberman run the Democratic party and determine its policies has split the tribe and turned brother against brother.
    And how did this happen?

  2. It happened because some people continue to believe that even though it looks like, smells like, taste like, it really isn’t shit if it wears the democratic label.

  3. I wonder how closely this divide tracks with the line dividing those who who have jobs, status and power deriving from the Obama administration’s being in power and those who don’t.

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