Maxine Waters

It took me a while to get familiar with all the stories, but I’ve read them now and I don’t think she’s guilty of anything. But once again, Democrats are eager to throw one of their own under the bus without any proof. (ACORN, anyone?)

And yes, it’s a little odd that there’s always a much higher set of standards for black politicians. In white politicians, corruption is treated like an asset. It means you’re someone to be taken seriously! (i.e John Ensign.)

4 thoughts on “Maxine Waters

  1. Of course the MSM downplay any scent of race playing a role in the Waters and Rangel cases, but I’ll be damned if Ensign and Vitters, should get a freakin pass for their ethical and criminal behavior!

  2. You know what? The Democrats are a little too quick to throw their own under the bus. Ever see the Republicans do that? It’s pretty rare.

  3. Now, is there the and of Obama et al in any of this? These are powerful liberals, powerful black liberals. I’m not sure Obama has much affection for those kinds of pols.

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