6 thoughts on “Cramdowns

  1. Ya know, I can’t say that we actually got a “cram-down” as it’s defined here, but in 2005 we foreclosed long before it was “popular”. The next thing we knew a realty company was seeking our business in 2008—we’re in an apartment at the time, fucked-up credit and all—-and they are offering an unbelievable deal which allowed us to purchase a new home at 3.5%, low down payment, and a monthly note $250.00 LESS than we’re paying at the apartment. “SUUUweeeeT”, we said, and moved in. Is that a cram-down, or what? If it is, everybody oughta have one of those!

  2. Dandy — looks like you got a good deal there. I don’t think that counts as a cramdown but it is a RE company looking for good business opportunities.

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