3 thoughts on “Mary, We Crown Thee With Blossoms Today

  1. Sweet memories for me in a lot of ways, too, Suze. But you know what? My biggest nightmare back then—my brother and I having been the only ones in our whole family line to EVER attend Catholic school fron k-1 through k-12—was if we were going to heaven how would we ever see all our family members who were “protestants” (or, among the “unfaithful”, and therefore doomed to hell!)????

  2. I always thought that whole “only Catholics go to heaven” thing was pretty stupid, and decided early on to ignore it.

  3. Reminds me of my own Catholic school days in a different small central Illinois city. We had Benedictines teach us. Those women were smart. And they made us smart. When I went on public high school I was astounded by what kids from public grade school DID NOT KNOW. My god, had they even had teachers?

    By the time I hit 5th grade Domicnc Savio was “the boy saint” who, you may remember, slept on rocks to atone for whatever sins he may have committed. We were all initiated into the Dominic Savio Club and received a DS medal and holy card. I still have Dominic Savio holy cards.

    Since my mother’s side of the family were all Protestants and my best friend from camp was Jewish, I dismissed the only Catholics go to heaven nonsense early on.

    Of course, nothing is as it was, not even Catholic school. And that is sad.

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