Uh Huh

Yeah, because the FDA has never made a political finding, have they? This is simply an attempt to revive the fishing industry. Do you believe them? I don’t:

Chemical dispersants sprayed into the Gulf of Mexico to break up the massive oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon disaster do not appear to threaten the safety of seafood in the affected waters, the Food and Drug Administration said this week.

In a letter sent in response to questions from Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of seafood said that chemicals used to break up the slicks are not as dangerous to human health as the oil itself.

FDA scientists do not believe that the chemicals accumulate significantly in the tissue of fish and shellfish, and so, even if the fish absorb the chemicals through gills or other ways, the fish do not retain them, Jeanne Ireland, FDA’s assistant commissioner for legislation, wrote to Markey. That means they do not pass up the food chain to humans and are not considered a public health concern, according to the FDA.

BP sprayed 1.8 million gallons of the dispersant Corexit on the surface of the gulf and, for the first time, at the wellhead a mile underwater. Dispersants were last used July 19, four days after BP temporarily capped its leaking well.

3 thoughts on “Uh Huh

  1. Yeah, well, seafood from the Gulf has been gulping up oil for years, hasn’t it? What’s the harm in a little Corexit?

    All the seafood I eat in Rochester, New York, seems to come from Viet Nam or Chile. No worries there!

    As to people who fish in the local waters, Lake Ontario and the Genesee, pregnant women are advised to NOT to eat that fish more than twice a week.

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