Anyone Got A Rope?

These people need to be strung up. Really. Bob Rubin, the root of all evil, says we need to REDUCE THE DEFICIT and the last thing we should do is additional stimulus!!!

You know why? Because people like Bob Rubin and his friends are doing just great:

Bob Rubin, the former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary and routine foil for many progressive-minded economists, argued on Sunday against a second “major” stimulus to revive the economy.

Appearing on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” Rubin said that the president would better be served focusing his efforts on the task of long-term deficit reduction.

“I wouldn’t do a major second stimulus because I think…we run a risk that it could be counterproductive in creating a lot of additional uncertainty and undermining confidence,” Rubin said. “But at the same time — and what I’m about to say is easy to say and very hard to do — at the same time I would try over the next six months to put in place a very serious beginning of deficit reduction that would take effect at some specified time in the future. And I would guess something like two years. So it wouldn’t take effect right now, when the economy is still so vulnerable, but if you could do it and it was credible and people believed it and it was real, I think that could do a lot for confidence. The problem is that’s very easy to say and very hard to do.”

Praised for shepherding lengthy economic growth during the Clinton years only to be bemoaned, in retrospect, for ushering in the era of deregulation that contributed to the current crisis, Rubin has been a relatively quiet voice during the Obama administration. His main impact on economic policy has been through the various disciples that he has working in key administration posts. His pushback against a second major stimulus effort doesn’t necessarily have practical political impacts. But it’s a viewpoint that is shared by those figures who actually affect the president’s decisions.

Politics, of course, makes the debate over stimulus rather limited. Even if the White House wanted a major new spending package, Congress wouldn’t write the check. Being a high-profile Democratic-affiliated figure, however, Rubin’s comments hurt those arguing the case that more stimulus spending is needed.

Are we supposed to be surprised that a high-ranking member of the oligarchy wants to punish the rest of us?

2 thoughts on “Anyone Got A Rope?

  1. This is why I consider anything Rubin says with a very large mountain of salt. Even when he says things like one or two of his recent articles about unemployment and the job market, I don’t buy everything he says. He helped engineer the deregulation that brought about the crisis. He works for, and is, a member of oligarchy. He isn’t for the 95% of regular people. His focus is on that top 1% and the following 4% to which he belongs by virtue of his jobs.

  2. My bad… I have Reich mixed up with Rubin. But I still do not trust any of the big finance guys. It’s been too long since any of them related to the economic status of the lower 95% of the population.

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