Pentagon Announces Budget Cuts

Social Security’s okay to cut, boys, but don’t go touching our Homeland Security budget!

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said Monday that the Pentagon will cut thousands of jobs, including a substantial chunk of its private contractors and a major military command based in Norfolk, as part of an ongoing effort to streamline its operations and to stave off political pressure to slash defense spending in the years ahead.

Gates said he will recommend that President Obama dismantle the U.S. Joint Forces Command, which employs about 2,800 military and civilian personnel as well as 3,300 contractors, most of them in southeastern Virginia. He also said he will terminate two other Pentagon agencies, impose a 10 percent cut in intelligence advisory contracts and slim down what he called a “top-heavy hierarchy” by thinning the ranks of admirals and generals by at least 50 positions.

The reduction in funding for contract employees — by 10 percent annually over three years — excludes those in war zones.

Although the moves will save an unspecified amount of money, defense officials characterized them as a political preemptive strike to fend off growing sentiment elsewhere in Washington to tackle the federal government’s soaring deficits by making deep cuts in military spending. The Obama administration has exempted national security from its budget reductions, but Gates said he fears that Congress might not be able to resist for long.

2 thoughts on “Pentagon Announces Budget Cuts

  1. Somewhere I just saw a blurb about three cities in the US with an improving economy – all because they were fedgov centers. One of them was Virginia Beach, Virginia.
    Kiss your money bags goodbye, VA. You pissed somebody off.

  2. “…Your little friends are wrong, Virginia. Every once in a blue moon, the Pentagon does close a facility staffed mostly by noncombatant contractors…”

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