Linda McMahon

I don’t know how many readers I have from Connecticut, but I hope they all get out and volunteer to defeat this woman in the general election.

Why? Because the WWE (formerly the WWF) is an exploitive and abusive organization. Wrestlers are contract workers with no health benefits (despite the frequent and extensive brain damage that results, worse than the NFL).

In fact, Jesse Ventura was pushed out because he tried to organize a union.

If Linda McMahon gets elected, expect no boundaries, no rules and a vote for sale to the highest bidder.

2 thoughts on “Linda McMahon

  1. but I can’t wait to see her debate!

    “Let me tell you something brother, that Blumenthal is a Jabronie! When I meet him in Hartford on November 4th, he’s going down!
    I will smash him with a chair, I will hit him with a ladder, I will make him submit! The damage the Ultimate Warrior did to the Macho Man back at Summer Slam will be NOTHING compared to my destruction of that jabronie !!!”

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