6 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Could this be a way to keep the Lame-Duck session from mucking with Social Security?

    I’ve heard that Congress is planning to deal with the Debt Commission suggestions (including raising the SS retirement age to 70) during that lame duck session.

    I’d be happy if someone found a way to stop it.

  2. I could never be a politician. Fiengold is moving to right to cover his ass. Do any of these motherfuckers ever just stick to their stated positions just because it’s the right thing to do?

  3. Yikes! I should have read the whole thing before I posted my comment. Still — I wouldn’t mind if they cancelled plans for a lame duck session this year.

  4. The dude has always been a bit of a phony. His big courageous votes come when there is nothing on the line and there is no chance he’ll effect the outcome.

  5. If Feingold is in a surprisingly tough re-election bid, why is this the first I’ve heard about it? He’s got a long and fairly good history. Yes, he’s idiosyncratic, but he’s better than Ryan, or Duffy, or a lot of other names I’m hearing about. He’s way the fuck better than Obey, and is Obey running or not? I’ve heard several different versions. Are we ignoring the 50-state strategy, going for a 6-state strategy or something? Or doesn’t Wisconsin count at all?

  6. Obey is retiring.

    Who knows what the hell Corporatist Dems do at election time. Hold out their hands to Big Corporations? or just get down on their knees in fealty and to beg from the Corporations?

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