After fifteen months of grueling therapeutic massage, I am happy to announce that for the first time in almost three years, I can actually stand on my right foot. Just for ten seconds or so, but still.

You may take that for granted, but trust me: I feel like I scaled Mt. Everest. It was a particularly grueling session today (I did, in fact, scream a couple of times because the pain was so bad — breaking apart scar tissue is really tough, I’m not normally a screamer) but we continue to see progress every week, and that makes it worth it.

I often wonder why guys in general (not all men, but most) are such babies about this kind of helpful body work. Just try to talk to a man in pain about acupuncture – his eyes will practically roll back in their head. (It doesn’t hurt at all, in case you were wondering.)

Anyway, I can stand. I’m so happy.

P.S. This is the kind of work we’ve been doing:

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  1. Well…your post has inspired me to keep up my stretching of my burnt feet. It’s so easy to get involved in things, then time passes, and I don’t get in the required number of stretches every day.

    It was explained that burns result in skin tightening as the healing growth is from the outer edges of the burn inward. And the stretching needs to be done for a looooong time.

    I also find that stretching out the tight skin is harder to do to myself — it’s much easier to stop when it hurts if I’m the one causing the pain…. I miss the physical therapists….

    What’s amazing to me is how I can do the full stretching, the feet seem to be stretched out, and an hour later they’re tightened up again.

    But, really, your description bestirred me to get going on the stretching.

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