Getting Ready

Oh, have I mentioned how much I hate packing? I always take far too much stuff, because I never know what the weather will be like. (Last year, it went down to the low 40s at night.) Plus, I take too much stuff. Always. Well, at least this year’s load looks smaller than last year’s.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I bet you don’t take too much, you just take a lot. I’m the same way; I tried packing the way the books say to, and it never worked. So I gave up and pack what I want, which is usually a lot, and I end up using all of it.

    Have a wonderful time, rest your hands, and come back soon!

  2. What’s the old rule of thumb? Pack what you think you’ll need, then go to the bank and get the money you’ll need. Then go back home and unpack half the stuff you packed, and go back to the bank and get out twice the money.

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