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I’ll just reserve judgment on this, since I wouldn’t put anything past the feds:

Allegations against WikiLeaks founder and spokesperson Julian Assange

On Saturday 21st of August, we have been made aware of rape allegations made against Julian Assange, founder of this project and one of our spokespeople.

We are deeply concerned about the seriousness of these allegations. We the people behind WikiLeaks think highly of Julian and and he has our full support.

While Julian is focusing on his defenses and clearing his name, WikiLeaks will be continuing its regular operations.

9 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. I don’t think so, bluelyon. It’s way too obvious. When I first saw the headline this morning about the arrest warrant, I laughed.

  2. ad hominem: Nobody does it better than the financial-industrial-political complex. Play nice or get crushed. That’s the message.

  3. Anyway, I think the powers-that-be realized that when you yell, “RAPE!”, no one cares. Pretty soon it will be something else. Mark MY fucking words.

  4. Given the extent of this guys overwhelming guts, balls, and in-your-fucking-face-kiss-my-red-black-brown-and-yellow-ASS, he’s probably doing very well to just be charged with rape instead of just being found dead in a lonely, country ditch. Hopefully, he’ll survive this bullshit. Hell, Daniel Ellsberg is still breathing, right?

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