10 thoughts on “Settle an argument

  1. twitter is more useless.

    linkedin at least pretends to help people get jobs. (i’ve never heard of anyone who did get a job through them, but in these dark days of high unemployment they get an A for effort)

  2. Given that LinkedIn has put me back in touch with several old colleagues who gave me glowing recommendations that I can use in a job search…who says it’s useless?

  3. Funny enough, I’ve never gotten so much as a client lead from LinkedIn, but I *have* had business opportunities as a result of Twitter. Yeah, and the fun little running commentary on other people’s lives can be fun.

  4. My office uses (and therefore its servers don’t block) LinkedIn, which tends toward professional rather than social networking, so I’d have to say the 140-Character Menace has a bit less practicality (although far more creativity, if Kanye West and Feminist Hulk are any indicators). Depends on one’s definition of “useless,” I suppose.

  5. Never used either and no real desire to. That said several colleagues have used LinkedIn for professional networking. None have ever said it did any thing for them, however.

  6. LinkedIn has been very helpful in keeping me in touch with old bosses and old collaborators; notice the words “old”!

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