When I was a kid, I would literally launch myself off the schoolbus Monday-Friday to make it home in time to watch THIS:

Talk about a show with LOTS to unpack: Star Blazers was a Japanese soap opera set in outer space in which the brave crew of the Space Cruiser Yamato (the original title of the series, taken from the World War 2 battleship of the same name) fight the Gamilons to save Earth from the deadly terror of Radiation Bombs. Many characters died over the course of the serial, very different from the consequence-free violence I’d see in other cartoons like “GI Joe”. Underlying the plot were more concepts than my young mind was prepared to consider, including Japan’s fervent need to rehabilitate its international reputation (in Star Blazers, the Yamato is a force for GOOD, not fascism) and the deep trauma left on that nation by Fat Man and Little Boy. It was a great show: afterwards, I’d segue right into Force Five, which was linked to the Shogun Warriors line of toys, and if I was lucky, I’d squeeze in some Dr. Who right before dinner.

OK, you’re muttering by this time. WTF are you getting at?


“Star Blazers” has been remade as a live-action movie, entirely in Japanese, with the original title “Space Battleship Yamato”, and it is going to be so fucking awesome my little geek heart might explode.

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  1. I just hope the new one gets dubbed quickly or else I’m going to have to find a way to afford Rosetta Stone.

    Really it was the first anime that had to be shown in order and even though some of the most violent parts and concepts more particular to the original Japanese audience were edited out it was light years ahead anything American tv was offering at the time.

  2. @matt: it was very advanced, with complicated plots. I remember crying when one guy died, i was so upset.

    and that says nothing about the Wave Motion Gun, which was FUCKING AWESOME.

    One of the reasons you might have only seen this in New England is that the show wasn’t widely available. Force Five, for example, was only seen in new England and and one or two other markets according to the the force 5 wiki

  3. *SQUEEE!~*

    It does look like the new version is lovingly faithful, with uniforms and ships right out of the original. Adding the post-apocalyptic images of radiation-bombed earth just ices the cake. Better break out the flashcards.

  4. “it is going to be so fucking awesome”
    I like a positive attitude! Although I remember the show, I was out working to make money to impress girls or actually trying (with little success) to impress by the time it came around.

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