Help Support Philadelphia’s Action AIDS by Drinking Beer

I remember this commercial, which appeared about a week before the AIDS crisis exploded.

Action AIDS is one of the many non-profit human services organizations in Philadelphia, and their name is pretty self-explanatory. Like most non-profits, Action AIDS is under the gun due to the economic calamity we’re living in. (And may i add, the economic collapse as disproved the entire notion that the corporate sector, rather than the government, should be responsible for funding human services: when profits dry up, so do the donations).

Anyway, Action AIDS has a fun little fundraiser all over the city tonight: Bar AIDS. Here’s the description, via facebook:

On Thursday, Aug. 26, from 5:30 on to at least midnight, a dozen local coffeehouses and bars will donate a portion of their proceeds to the local fight against HIV/AIDS. Here’s a list of the places where every dollar you spend will make a difference — whether it’s on a cappuccino or a Coors lite. (We also added details of any other specials they have going that night.)


* Cafe Cret
* Small Oven Bakery at Tutti Frutti


* Bike Stop
* City Tap House — $2 local beers, 5-7pm
* Fergie’s Pub
* Knock Restaurant & Bar — 1/2-price apps, including gourmet wings, sliders + flatbreads
* Tabu — $5 open bar, 9-10pm
* Tavern on Camac
* Westbury
* Woody’s — $5 Effen vodka, all nite long
* Uncle’s
* XIX at Hyatt Bellevue

You can easily find the addresses via Google, and you can find me at Fergie’s Pub after 6:00 PM, where I’ll be hoisting a pint or two in the fight against AIDS. I hope you’ll be there too! AIDS is a shitty disease to have, and you can help raise money to fight it by drinking beers.