Cabbies Start Donation Fund For Hate Crime Victim

My heart just breaks for Mr. Sharif and his family. I know how great readers can be — how about some small donations to help this hate-crime victim back on his feet? Click here to help:

(CNN) — New York cab driver Ahmed Sharif cannot bring himself to talk about the young man who allegedly cut his throat and nearly killed him last week, a taxi union representative said Sunday.

“Ahmed is a strong man, but mentally he has limits,” said Bhairavi Desai of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance. “The trauma he’s experienced will last for a long time.”

Desai spent time this weekend with Sharif. She said his most pressing worry is how he’ll provide for his wife and four children — including a 10-month-old –without a job. Sharif is receiving 2/3 of his salary, about $30,000 a year, in workers’ compensation. Union members do not get health insurance or disability payments, Desai said.

“My guess is that he’ll be unable to work for at least four months,” Desai said. “He can’t even pick up his baby because of the wounds to his arms. He can’t turn his neck.”

There’s been so little money raised over the past few days for Sharif that it would “barely cover baby formula,” said Desai who, along with Sharif, held a widely publicized press conference Friday announcing the union was creating a fund for the family. The union’s website indicates how to mail a donation or give online.

“We’re pretty shocked that it’s been such a low amount,” Desai said.

At the press conference, stitches running along the deep gash in his neck, Sharif implored taxi drivers to look out for each other. A Bangladeshi who emigrated to the United States 25 years ago, Sharif told reporters, “I feel like I belong here, [like] I was born here.”

His household’s sole breadwinner, Sharif, his wife and children, ages 10 months, 5, 9 and 11, live in a small apartment, Desai said.

I’m surprised that NYC residents haven’t stepped up. I’d love to see the blogosphere help.

2 thoughts on “Cabbies Start Donation Fund For Hate Crime Victim

  1. FOX and the crazy Repub rightwad extremists (now compounded by spineless Dems — or are they actually just as craven?) have been too successful for their own good (and to the detriment of the welfare of any Muslims or Muslim appearing people; probably to the detriment of our entire nation) at fanning the volatile flames of hate and bigotry. Scary times. Alas, false bogeymen to be scared of….

    I fear tht is one reason for so few donations. Also, so many are not on a knife’s edge themselves economically. And that’s a scary aspect of life today which is reality. Real dangers of losing the roof over one’s head….

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