Big Times In A Small Town

Even though I live in a big city, the neighborhoods are really more like small towns and from what I hear, this was the really big news while I was gone.

Just as a point of interest, there is nothing that makes Philadelphians madder than to have the local news misidentify a location — and in this case, they’re right. The torpedo was found in Fishtown, not Port Richmond.

3 thoughts on “Big Times In A Small Town

  1. Well yea, Suze, um, I guess it would be real important to know the EXACT neighborhood where the torpedo was located, huh? Funny part is about the guys who were sitting on it when the bomb squad arrived. Wonder if they were aware that the thing could have potentially blown their asses to kingdomcum?

  2. That’s just so typical, though. They dragged it out of the river and then were sitting on it, drinking beer. I can just see it.

  3. We should all think of our neighborhoods as small towns. And they should be run that way — with everyone in the neighborhood more actively involved in the political process.

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