If There Is A Hell

Haley Barbour will go there when he dies:

Yesterday on CBS’ Face The Nation, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour applauded conservative Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller for opposing federal aid to his own state.

On what grounds? Because slashing state budgets in the middle of a recession is no big deal.

Gov. Barbour said: “As far as talking about less money [from Washington], look, my budget this year in Mississippi is 13% less than it was two years ago. I cut spending 9.7% last year. Frankly, nobody much noticed the difference. People weren’t kicked off Medicaid.”

Funny story: On the same day, Gov. Barbour said no one was kicked off Medicaid, the Mississippi’s Clarion-Ledger headlined: “Medicaid winnows out some children.”

Not all children of course. Just some with Down syndrome.

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2 thoughts on “If There Is A Hell

  1. Right – the unnoticed children! Way to go Haley, hope you rot in hell, you soulless, greedy, self-serving clown. You’re about as much of a leader as the Pied Piper.

  2. In the 1932 election in New Mexico, it’s then rethug Governor ran on the fact that he had slashed State funding to the bone making NM one of the poorest states in a depression plagued, rethug monarchist country. He lost and no repuke held the office for the next 20 years. Now 80 years later, there’s few sources that note his name, while his successor has all the hospitals and schools named after him. Sometimes I think that’s what makes rethugs so mad, the 99% of the population that they don’t give a shit about just aren’t sufficiently thankful for their awesome selfishness.

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