She sounds pretty frustrated, huh:

WASHINGTON — Departing White House economist Christina Romer says the government has the tools for bringing down unemployment, but policymakers need to find the will and wisdom to use them.

Romer called on officials Wednesday to move forward on policies that will increase government spending and cut taxes. She also called for investments in infrastructure and new trade agreements.

Romer said that while some new policies should be viewed as emergency measures, most should be paid for with future spending cuts or revenue returns. She said concerns about the mounting deficit should not be used as an excuse “for leaving unemployed workers to suffer.”

Romer is leaving her post as head of the Council of Economic Advisers to return to the University of California, Berkeley, as an economics professor

Why, that’s just crazy talk! After all, who does the administration represent? Certainly not the unemployed!


2 thoughts on “Romer

  1. Well of course she’s right, Suze———-I mean, um, us “tittie-suckers” who are on social security, and you lazy, umemployed scum are the causes for the deficit in the first place! Wattn’t fer us n’ yall——who, btw, borrowed more than we could eva pay off for cribs we could nevva afford—-our beloved banksters woulda nevva got in trouble either. So, Romers telling the “elitist truth”: goddammit, find the poltical will to do a little somthin, somthin for those rotten bastards that got us into this mess!

  2. Of course, she also continues to spout the ever-popular “lower taxes” as well. (What? We have to PAY for things?!?)

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