2 thoughts on “A Thank You To George Bush

  1. Well Suze, I guess now I can finally make a personal acknowledgment (not that anyone cares): when Bush went into Iraq under the pretense of WMD’s, I, for one, knew he was lying. I said to my wife, “If Saddam has WMD’s why the fuck hasn’t Israel raised hell? Or if U.S. intelligence was so damn good, why hasn’t Turkey (for example) raised any red flags”?

    Yep, I knew it was bullshit, but I just found it so damn hard to believe that a president could convince so many others that it wasn’t!

  2. I was listening to NPR yesterday. Whoever had Juan Cole on. Whoever it was kept pushing Cole to come up with anything good that had come out of the gulf war. I turned it off.
    On the plus side, I’m now going to work to get out the vote for the midterms. Fuck these assholes.

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