Payroll Tax Holiday

One of the stimulus ideas being considered by the administration — but only on the employer side. And tax cuts, to give Republicans a handy prop for the mid-terms (“We TOLD you only tax cuts work to stimulate the economy!”)

Way to go, guys!

If a voter were actually inclined to back policies that favored workers over bosses, or wanted to support education or the environment, who on earth could they vote for?

One thought on “Payroll Tax Holiday

  1. Someone else noticed!

    As I noted just moments ago elsewhere – I’ve been unemployed long enough to turn down a job if it means facing a several thousand dollar tax debt four or five months down the road. Relieving the employer of the burden of forwarding the employee’s tax deductions to the government doesn’t relieve the employee of the burden of the alleged tax responsibility. Nowhere in any of the proposals or reporting on the proposals have I seen, read or heard is there an elaboration on that point.

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