2 thoughts on “IT Hiring

  1. Another aspect of shrinking staffs: there was a ratio for IT needs in offices, X number of people using computers (managers, secretary/administrative assistants, etc.) meant you needed Y IT people. Well, if that office staff shrinks, they shrink the number of IT people needed too.

    It was always a false promise that people losing jobs could all be retrained to be IT or computer workers. Not every one is suited for the work and not every one has the time left in the work force to gain experience. The medical sector won’t save us either. Well-trained professionals should watch out — MRIs and X-rays can be digitized and read by an Indian or Chinese doctor as well as by the guy down the hall. The only jobs that are “secure” because they must be done locally, like at the hospital, are the lower paid care assistants and janitors. The powers-that-be will find ways to make sure those staffs aren’t large or getting better pay.

  2. What are the chances that they’ll reduce the number of H-1B visas? I’m guessing it’s a long shot that the subject even comes up.

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