11 thoughts on “Happy ‘Let’s Kill Iraquis For What The Saudis Did’ Day

  1. I went to a yarn store earlier today. Later when I return from the grocery I will pause at the marker in honor of a probbie fireman who was raised and lived in my co-op development and died at the Towers.

  2. Further: Initially, the Board of Trustees wanted to build the monument outside the building the young man and his family lived in. His mother asked that a monument not be built. I guess she felt she couldn’t stand to walk passed it. (I really think they shouldn’t have built it once she asked them not to.) So they built it outside the building I live in (and on the side where my apartment is) and keep a spot light on it all night.

  3. Stupid title. “The Saudi’s” didn’t do 9/11 anymore than “the muslims” did 9/11. Don’t conflate individuals belonging to a group with the whole group…

  4. Heck and Jesus, Jimmy Dean! There’s a rather large group of folks who think the events in New York on September 11, 2001, were a black-ops affair.

    Heck and Jesus, I may even be one of them!

    But I get your point.

  5. Well, I gave my nephew a hug. He’s going to Iraq, cuz, you know we won there, something like that… they need his intelligent, mixed-up soul… fuckin’ ghouls..

  6. The only fix the headline needs is “some Saudis” instead of “the Saudis.”

    Handles the blame the entire group for the sins and terrorism of a minority problem. Maybe “some radical Islamist Saudis,” but then the headline gets longer and longer….

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